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AQUAVESSEL WATER TANK is produced by EDS Global in Turkey. That is a global key-producer of various type of pre-pressurezed expansion & pressure tanks, hot water systems' tanks-boilers and EPDM/Butyl Membranes for booster/hydrophore - reverse osmosis – solar -heating applications.
Our factory are located in Kocaeli-Turkey where is very close to seaport which gives transport advantage. Currently, EDS GLOBAL as a professional producer, exports its products to more than 40 countries in Asia, Europe, Far East, Middle East, South-North America and other markets.
AQUAVESSEL offers its products at wide product range starting from 2 ltr up to 10.000 ltr in 10,16 and 25 bar working pressure ratings .. Additionally, AQUAVESSEL can supply from 2lt up to 40.000 lt EPDM/Butly and high temperature resistance ( up to 130 0C) Solar Membranes for world market .. All AQUAVESSEL tanks and membranes have been designed fully in Europe with the latest technology and innovative concept. AQUAVESSEL tanks' series are ranked as:
Inter-changable Membrane Tanks Series; (Heating SeriesTanks, Potable Series Water Tanks, Solar Series Tanks, High Pressure Series Tanks)
  • Fixed Membrane Tank Series; (Potable Water Series Tanks, Heating Series Tanks, Solar Series Tanks, Metal Body Reverse Osmosis Series Tanks)
  • Plastic RO Tanks
  • EPDM / BUTLY and Special High Temperature Resistance Membranes.
  • EDS Hot Water Tank/Boiler Series; (Buffer Tanks, Buffer Tank with Solar Serpantines, Hygienic Hot Water Tank, Hygienic Hot Water Tank with Solar Serpantines)
  • Accessories for boolster-heating-solar systems

High Quality Standards in Production
PED -CE 97/23 EC Pressurized Metal Tank Production, Full Automatic - Robotic Double Layer Wet Paint (Epoxy Undercoat Polyurethane Acrylic Finish Paint) 
Italian Production, Low Gas Permeability Special Design Butyl Membrane Stainless Connection Nipple
Large Product Range
To be fixed membrane and exchangeable membranes; 
* Hydrofoil Tanks, Expansion Tanks, Solar Tanks, Reverse Osmosis Tanks, Anti-Water 
Odor Tanks * Up to 10,100 l of volume 
* 6 bar-8 bar-10 bar-16 bar and 25 bar operating pressure values 
. EPDM / Butyl membrane types, Manometers, Pressure Switches, 5-way Brass Connections, Flexible Connection Hoses etc.
Fast Product Delivery
Detailed Production Capacity of Highest Production Capacity and High Production Productivity in Turkey's Most Modern Production Facilities with High Production Capacity, Detailed Analysis of Product and Raw Material-Semi Finished Stock by Using Effective ERP Program, Computerized Order Tracking System, Detailed Analysis of All Customer Orders and Orders Rapid Delivery
Solution Focus and Continuous Innovation
Constant New Product Design and Production Capability Through R & D Investments Ability to make changes on the product in accordance with the customers' requests and to produce appropriate custom product for the customer
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