Our General Sales Policy

Our general sales contract terms apply to all commercial activities of our company with real and legal persons. Unless otherwise agreed, the terms and conditions below apply to all current and future possible service and product sales. 
With this contract, our customer will be informed about the basic qualities of EDS GLOBAL goods / services subject to sale, sales price, payment method, delivery conditions etc. all information about the goods / services subject to sale and the information about the right of "cancellation" and the goods / services ordered after that are accepted and declared by the provisions of this contract.
1. We must accept all of our terms of sale stated in this contract; unless the Company has a written consent from us, the client's requirements and conditions after the contract are not valid. This approved agreement will be sent to the customer by fax or e-mail and will thus be valid. 
Orders confirmed by us may be canceled by Customer but only for force majeure. In this case, our legal and contractual cancellation rights are reserved. This is particularly the case for new orders or orders waiting for Customer's request to be shipped.
All the information on the proforma invoice which is prepared by our company, including the type, type, quantity, brand / model, color, color and price of the goods / service and all other information on this proforma is an integral part of this contract.
2. EDS GLOBAL reserves the right to amend the offers at any time. The customer's order is binding. A contract is put into effect when the customer sends a written order confirmation or EDS GLOBAL dispatches the products to the customer. 
3. Customer's rights arising from this contract cannot be transferred. 
4. In the event that certain items of this contract are partially or wholly incapable, the rest of the contract will not be affected. 
5. In all legal matters, the relevant Turkish laws and Turkish courts are valid.
Pricing and Payment Conditions

1. Our product pricing and deliveries are "EDS GLOBAL SAKARYA Factory delivery" unless otherwise stated in the order confirmation. My prices are not included in shipping; these costs are also invoiced. 
2. The official Value Added Tax (VAT) on the invoice date will be added to the prices. 
3. Our company has the right to change prices at any time. Our company can use this right in contracts that continue with its customers. 
4. Unless there is an agreement otherwise, the payment shall be made in cash on hand or without any deduction by bank transfer. There must be written agreement for different payment terms, especially long-term or check payments.
5. Cash discounts to be applied to our customers only with our written approval. Such discounts may be applied only at the price of the invoiced goods, except for the additional costs. 
6. We have the right to stop shipments and determine the payment schedule if the bill is the last invoice (s). 
7. Unless otherwise stated in the order, the payment threshold begins from our billing date. A reminder letter will be sent for the surplus that is 10 days past the valley, we reserve the right to initiate the legal proceedings for the payments that are not made following the reminder. 
8. We have the right to impose monthly default interest on the bills for the following bills. We reserve the right to demand additional losses.
Delivery Conditions

1. The delivery process determined by you will only be agreed upon in all technical matters and if the contract is stated, the payment will be made upon receipt of the down payment. 
2. We will only bind delivery if we have not confirmed in writing beforehand. Delays due to the suppliers will be reported to the Customer as soon as possible. We reserve the right to terminate the contract if the raw materials and semi-finished products required for our production can not be supplied without fault or are insufficient. In this case the Customer will be informed immediately and the prepayment will be refunded.
3. We have the right to claim compensation for damages and additional costs that may arise if the customer does not accept the delivery or fails to fulfill any other obligations. In such a case, the risk of loss or damage of the goods shipped shall be deemed to have been transferred to the Customer if the delivery has not been accepted. 
4. In the event that the customer's order is taken out of our factory and we do not receive it within one week following our notification that the order is ready, we have the right to refer the costs to the address of the Customer at the expense of the Customer. If the customer does not accept the shipment, the conditions of Article 3 shall be established.
5. Fors Major may prevent us from fulfilling the terms of the contract; the contract can be canceled on both sides if the process lasts for six months. Incidents involving accident or raw material, equipment and material supply, difficulties in transportation, problems in energy supply, strikes that may be experienced in the company or in suppliers may be partly or completely risky for the production or suspension of production due to force majeure.
Shipping Terms
1. Delivery place "Sakarya Factory" unless otherwise stated in the order confirmation. 
2. Packaging and shipping are best performed according to our own rules. Our company can not be held responsible for any defects that may occur during transportation. 
3. The insurance of the goods and the shipment shall be made by the customer request and the expenses shall be the responsibility of the customer. Damage and losses caused by transport are the responsibility of the customer. 
4. Unless otherwise stated in the order confirmation, partial shipment is possible.
Warranty Conditions

1. The warranty is valid for any errors in the performance of our liability. The function guarantee for our products applies only to the operating manual that we provide with the product and to the proper installation conditions. If the instruction manual does not come with the product, it will be supplied immediately by the customer on written request.
2. Customer's claim for warranties is subject to receipt of the goods in a controlled manner and timely notification of the errors; all costs incurred in connection with the entrance quality control belong to the customer. Visible faulty risk may be appealed within seven days after the customer has passed, provided that the errors are notified in writing in detail. The other faulty risk may be appealed within 12 months after the customer passes. The mistakes are not binding without the confirmation of the person responsible for the inspection.
3. In the event that we do not accept the error notice, the following action shall be settled by us and may include error recovery, substitution with the new product, or the option of the cost of goods; in case of ongoing trade, the defective goods-priced Customer shall be issued as a credit note by us. We will cover all labor, materials and transportation costs, unless the goods are repaired or refurbished, unless there is a shipping condition that will increase the price by a different amount than where the product was used. 
4. If the repair or replacement does not solve the problem, the customer has the right to cancel the contract according to his preference or to make a cut without paying the defective goods. In the event of two inconclusive interventions, the repair / replacement is deemed unsuccessful.
5. If the customer is a complainant due to an element which is guaranteed but is incomplete, the necessary legal requirements are fulfilled. Such warranties can only be made in writing by us. In all other cases, our obligations are limited to those defined in Article VIII. 
6. Products identified incorrectly by us should be sent to our address upon request. 
7. If there are defective products in the shipment, if the shipment is understood to belong to the customer, the customer pays the price of the part related to the defective products and the related VAT.
Authorized Courts
1. Sakarya Courts and Execution Offices are authorized to resolve disputes; with which we have the right to sue the Client at the relevant courts at his or her place of business or residence. 
2. Unless otherwise stated in the order confirmation, the place where all the obligations arising out of the contract are fulfilled is our workplace.
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