Product Return Policy

We trust our product quality.

Every product you buy is under the guarantee of EDS GLOBAL. Order your EDS If you are dissatisfied for any reason, the Global setpoint, from the day you receive the product within 15 days, our company via email informing about the issue by way of the following conditions you can return it or change it

The conditions for the refund are as follows;

Refunds must be made with original box / packaging and invoice.
All standard accessories must be undamaged and fully shipped with their original packaging.
Scratches, damage, impact etc. at various places of the products. Should not be. Even if the products are intended for trial purposes, they should not be commissioned. The customer product is liable to compensate for the loss of the commercial value of the product due to the use of the product when it is returned to the customer and to the use of the product.
Products that are prepared in line with the customer's special needs and needs, and which are not suitable for being returned by nature and which are not likely to be sold again to another customer, cannot be returned.
For all return reasons other than that the returned product is defective, the shipping fee belongs to the customer.
In case of bills closed on behalf of the company, exchange or refund is made with the return invoice of the company that buys.

Product Change and Return Options; 

You can make your change or refund by choosing one of the following options:

Customer Credit Rating:

The amount remaining after deducting the total fare paid, shipping, promotional allowance and other costs will be credited to the EDS GLOBAL ERP system as a "Client Credit Note". This customer credit note is used at any time as our company will pay cash on the next merchandise purchases.


The amount is transferred to the customer's bank account after the total amount paid, shipping, promotional allowance and other costs are deducted.

Product Replacement:

Old product is replaced with new.

Damaged or Defective Products;

When you receive your order, check your package by opening the package next to the shipping authority. In case you think that the products are missing or damaged, please do not take delivery of the package by keeping a record to the cargo authority. You must indicate in the minutes whether the product has been opened or not, and you and the cargo officer must sign the minutes. Please note that you have accepted that the Cargo Company fully fulfills its mission after the delivery of the product.

Change and Return Process;

Changes or exchanges made without approval by EDS GLOBAL are not guaranteed to occur. Please send an e-mail to  for approval. The required return confirmation will be sent to you by e-mail.
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